Homemaking Like a Boss! { Laundry Edition }

Homemaking Like a Boss { Laundry Edition } #laundry #cleaning #housework #ecofriendly #homemaking

This week I’m tackling Mount Washmore!

Doing laundry is another chore that I need major motivation to accomplish.  Except, in the case of laundry it’s more the finishing that I need motivation for and not the getting started.  Throwing that pile of dirty clothes in the washing machine is no probs!  But, since we are without a dryer indefinitely at the moment it’s the hanging I usually dread the most, and coming in a very close second is the folding.

First some tips on creating LESS laundry:

Rewear items.  Check your kids clothes for stains and fold them back up while they are in the bath if the clothes still look wearable.

Own fewer clothes.  This is one that I am currently working on myself.  Get rid of (donate or toss) the stuff that is just not getting worn.  That itchy sweater? Gone.  Those pants that need to be hemmed and you keep forgetting?  Gone.  The stuff you are hanging on to to one day maybe fit back into?  Gone.  Keep only things that fit you and you feel fab in!  Same goes for kids clothes, get rid of anything they refuse to wear or that never seems appropriate.

In order to get going with the laundry I think of a few things:

-How much more amazing my space will look once it is not littered with piles of mac&cheese encrusted toddler shirts.  That will be totes amaze! (And smell better)

-How much I dislike having to dress my kids for the day in pajamas that are a size too small.  I love when I can avoid that particular Mom fail and clothe them in ACTUAL clothes.  Let’s get this washing ON!

How I motivate myself to keep at it:

My plan for keeping at it involves incorporating this chore into a daily rhythm.  I am totally gung ho for Waldorf philosophy and I love their suggestions surrounding being at home with little kids.  I recently read an amazing article on The Natural Parents Network called The Beginners Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Family Rhythm and it has inspired me to actually THINK about my laundry routine and where I can fit it in so that I can be more consistent about it.  I love the idea of getting this chore out of the way first thing in the morning, so I am hoping I can get at least one step of my laundry routine completed pre-coffee.  I imagine the lure of caffeine will provide me with the motivation I need to stick to this plan!  Here’s hoping.

Another motivator that I think of while I’m doing my laundry is the eco-friendliness of my current drying situation. I’m not wasting electricity with the dryer on clothes that would otherwise dry just fine the old fashioned way, so I definitely feel good about reducing the impact my family has on the environment.  Also, our clothes are treated more gently and are looking better and lasting longer which further reduced our eco-footprint.

At first I dreaded the task of hanging the 8 billion socks my family seems to own and dirty every few days, but as time has gone on I am making a legit effort to consciously welcome the rhythm and ritual involved in hanging everything up.

It is so rare to have such peaceful moments in our crazy, screen driven lives that I find myself sort of looking forward to hanging up sometimes.  Sort of.  Sometimes.

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What does your laundry routine look like?  Does it work for you? What is your laundry motivation?  Share with us in the comments below!

  • Re-wearable items are so important! Who needs to wash their jeans every time they wear them?? Not this girl!

    • I do love rewearing items but, I swear lately I am just constantly covered in filth! LOL I would love to be able to get a lot more wears out of my jeans, I think I am going to try spot cleaning them.

  • I wash our clothes at night. That way, in the morning all I have to do is fold them. It seems to work for me.

    I also go through major purges of too-small clothes. I hate washing things that my kids can barely fit in anymore LOL.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • YES! I need to go through all of our clothes and do a huge purge. It’s out of control. I have a whole little drawer unit filled with PJ’s that my kids can’t wear, so frustrating!

  • Good tips! I definitely rewear clothing items to prevent lots of washing, as well as to not wear out some of my favorite items.

    • I am actually amazed at how much nicer our clothes are staying now that I hang dry everything, try it with things you want to keep nice!

  • Hi there, visiting from the link up! These are great tips, I know I definitely need to go through my closet and get rid of some stuff that I have been hanging on to for no good reason! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! My closet is busting at the seams right now too – time to purge purge purge!!

  • my husband usually tackles the laundry and i clean but i do want to help more… great tips! 🙂

    • You are one lucky gal! Can you send your husband over here? I have 153 loads of laundry to do!

  • Loooove this! Oh my gosh, so much in common, I make the same mom fail too often with the pjs that don’t fit because everything else is dirty. Also love your “totes amaze” LOL. I’m off to read that article you recommended now, it sounds so interesting! And I think that is a great idea about starting the laundry pre-coffee and having coffee as your reward, that would totally be my best bet too!

    • PJ’s count as clothes! I am pretty sure that’s why Carter’s is making them so cute these days, to help us out! 🙂

  • Monica Geglio

    I hate laundry… especially in the winter when my hands are dry. Laundry just seems to bother my hands and skin! My laundry routine is simple but not effective (lol). I do it whenever I think about it. Unfortunately, my laundry room is the first thing guests see when they walk in the door. That gives me extra motivation to keep doing it.

    I am going to start focusing on REWEARING clothing. When I lived in Belgium, we wore our clothes a good three times (unless heavily soiled) before washing them. I’m trying to teach my daughter to wear her pajamas at least two times. She’s getting good… but not good enough. Sweaters and overcoats seem to last a couple wears too. I definitely wear my jeans 2-3 times before washing but that’s because I only have 3 pairs… and none fit well. :/ Ugh. Laundry sucks. This post is reminding me that I have a clean load ready to move to the dryer… but I’m procrastinating because then I have to take the dryer load out and deal with it…….. !! :/

    • Belgium! That’s cool! Why did you live over there? And yes we struggle with rewearing PJ’s too, mainly because my kids eat breakfast in them and tend to dirty them. Or else they take them off and leave them who knows where and we end up grabbing a fresh pair on the way to the bath. I have been trying to consciously get them to rewear them too though, eventually it should be second nature right!?